Is Employer Liable for Employee’s Negligence

Baltimore Accident Attorney – Holding Employers Responsible One way to hold employers responsible for the negligent acts of an employee is through the doctrine of respondeat superior. The doctrine allows an employer to be held vicariously liable for the bad acts of its employee when that employee was engaged in conduct that can be classified as promoting the employer’s goals.  Sawyer

Baltimore police officers face repeated misconduct lawsuits

City Police Officers – Multiple Misconduct Lawsuits In a Six month long investigation, the Baltimore sun has uncovered disturbing details of police brutality in the Baltimore city Police force. Last week, I blogged about the millions paid out in settlement by the city.  In a another expose, the Sun writes that some officers have had as many

Baltimore City- $5.7 Million in Claims Unlawful Use of Force

Police Brutality Lawyer – Police Misconduct According to a Baltimore Sun report, Baltimore City has paid $5.7 million in unlawful use of force claims brought against police officers since 2011. In an interesting note, the article states that, “Department officials said some officers were exonerated in internal force investigations, even though jurors and the city awarded thousands