New Lead Paint Regulations Jan 1, 2015

New Lead Paint Regulations Jan 1, 2015

A new law enacted in the last session requires landlords who own or operate homes built on or before 1978 to register with the state. This is a shift from the 1958 cut off year.

The Secretary is quoted by the Capital Gazette as saying that "The change in Maryland's lead law will allow us to prevent more children from suffering the effects of lead poisoning. We cannot, and will not, let up in our work to eliminate childhood lead poisoning in our state."

For more on the requirements go to: Maryland Department of the Evironment.

Steps Required.

1. MDE REGISTRATION:  Within 30 days of acquisition and renewed on or before December 31 each year at the cost of $30 per rental. 2. TENANT EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION: Provide tenants with the “Notice of Tenants Rights,” and “Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home” brochures and  inspection certificate. 3. MEET THE RISK REDUCTION STANDARD: Lead inspected by a MDE accredited lead paint inspector. File with MDE a copy of Lead Paint Risk Reduction Certificate and findings with copies to tenants and landlord. A. MEET FULL RISK REDUCTION STANDARD AT EACH CHANGE OF OCCUPANCY IN A UNIT. All properties subject to the Act are required to pass an inspection for lead contaminated dust, performed by an MDE accredited inspection contractor, prior to every change in occupancy. In order to pass the inspection the property must be free of defective paint on the interior and exterior of the property. B. MEET THE MODIFIED RISK REDUCTION STANDARD UPON NOTICE. If a child under 6 years of age or pregnant woman test higher than 10 then landlord has to relocate tenants until the situation is corrected. 4. USE TRAINED PERSONNEL:  Preferably use workers accredited by MDE.