POlice Commissioner

Police Commissioner Limited in Police Misconduct Cases

The Baltimore Police Commissioner testified that he has limited power to deal with officers found guilty of misconduct. Officers are entitled to an internal hearing review whose finding of no fault on the part of the officer is final and prevents the commissioner from taking independent action.  For more go to WBAL TV. The hearing was as a a result of the Mayor's new proposals regarding police discipline laws in the State. In a peculiar set up, the Baltimore City Police Department is actually a state agency having being taken over decades ago and not a city agency like most of you would suspect. As a result, state laws are at play here.  The mayor is pushing the creation of new felony "misconduct in office" charge for police officers. It would apply when an officer is accused of committing any misdemeanor crime punishable by more than a year in jail, such as second-degree assault. A second proposal would speed the discipline process and a third would increase the scope of the civilian review board. As expected, the officers and their representative organizations came out swinging against the proposals. The proposals come at time when Ferguson and other similar incidents across the country have put the rift between the public and the police in the limelight. Hopefully, these issues will be worked on irrespective of whether there is national media attention or not. The city must be tired of paying millions in miconduct cases, funds that could be better used to serve it residents. I will be watching to see how the state legislature reacts once the lobbying form both sides of the issue reaches a tipping point.  

Police Warnings on Accidents

Police Warnings on Accidents in the Baltimore Area

Due to a recent rash of pedestrian deaths in the Baltimore area, the Police have issued a warning to drivers and pedestrians in this WBAL Report. It has been heartbreaking to hear about tall the pedestrians or folks pulled over the side of the road such as the gentleman struck and killed while changing a tire on 295.
  • Pedestrian need to act defensively in terms on where you walk on the road.
  • Reduce distracted driving such as texting or talking on the phone.
  • Don't drink and drive as drunk driving continues to be a problem.
  • Use flares if you are pulled over due to a broken down vehicle
  • Pull over as far as the shoulder as you can.
  • Consider moving over not just for police but all cars pulled over on the side of the road.