Making Maryland Safer for Bicyclists

Maryland Accident Lawyer: Making Maryland Safer for Bicyclists

According to CBS Baltimore, there has been hundreds of injuries and dozens of deaths as a result of cars striking bicyclists over the past couple of years. In response, the State is improving road conditions for bicyclists by adding bike lanes among other measures. The State Highway Administration Director of Planning Gregory Slater was quoted as saying this about the new bike lane in Dundalk, “So what happens is a driver can go down. They see the lane and they know the cyclist is going to be there and not in the middle of the lane,” said . According to the American Journal of Public Health , bike lanes may cut the risk of injury by as much as 50%. Hence, the increase of bike lanes should improve the roadways for Maryland's cyclists. To further enhance safety, Maryland should consider adding more protected bike lanes. Protected bike lanes refers to lanes that have an actual barrier from the rest of the traffic. In a study done in Canada, protected bike lanes reduced the risk of injury by a whopping 90%. That is amazing.  This may not be feasible in narrow city streets, but may work in suburbs and other roadways. As society learns more about the causes and impacts of bicyclist accidents, new measures to prevent them are being implemented. Drivers are also becoming more aware with the prevalence of bike lanes serving as a constant reminder.    

Bush Holds Firm on Immigration

Baltimore Attorney: Bush Holds Firm on Immigration

Jeb Bush held firm on his support for comprehensive immigration reform despite push back from fellow republicans in a gatehring hosted by the National Review and moderated by none other than conservative commentator Rich Lowry. According to the Washington Post, Lowry pushed Jeb Bush on immigration and the former governor was unmoved. Bush assertively pushed back on the issue and cautioned the conservatives to review the immigration issue and their tone in dealing with the issue. He noted that Obama won the Hispanic vote and that Republicans risk losing on the issue. Meanwhile in an interview reported by Ted Cruz was quoted as stating that he supports legal immigration. Apparently Cruz wants more legal immigration, at least among better educated immigrants who might qualify for an H-1B visa. Not to be outdone Huckabee at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) continues the shameful and transparent dodge on the immigration issue, claiming that he cannot answer a question about giving legal status to immigrants until the border is secured first. Literally his response according to Think Progress was, “You’re asking me to get to second base, but we haven’t gotten to first yet.” If he cannot anticipate and come up with ideas about a future event as this can we really trust him as president where such decision making will be required. President's do not have the luxury of only focusing on one thing and doing everything one step a time without thinking about what happens months or years down the road. Maybe this answer clearly disqualifies him from being able to hold the office. It is refreshing that Bush is holding firm instead of putting the proverbial finger to the wind and following the pressure from the far right on this issue. This should make for great debates. This is a quick round up of presidential politics and the immigration issue. It is still early and this issue appears likely to dominate at least the Republican primaries. We will see how each candidates position evolves.