Traffic Deaths Up in MD and Nationally

Traffic Deaths Up in MD and Nationally

The Washington Post reports that Maryland show a significant increase in traffic fatalities in 2015. Maryland had 520 fatalities and saw an increase of 77 deaths. Traffic fatalities have being on a downward trend for the last several years and it is not clear whether 2015 is a clear reversal of that trend. Practice safe driving out there. Most car accidents are minor collisions of the fender bender variety. Therefore, keep a safe distance between you and other motorists. This practice will also help you identify a wayward driver who may be veering into your late or losing control and leave you more time to react. Drive at safe speeds as high speeds diminish your ability to react and correct the direction of your vehicle safely. Alcohol and drugs also impair your ability to judge road conditions and react to whatever is going on out there. Don't drink and drive. Get a friend to drive. Taxi or Uber home!  

Borrowed Servant Case in PA

Borrowed Servant - Staffing Agency Employee Cannot Sue Hospital Where he was Working

The appellate court found that the staffing agency employee stationed at a hospital for a month long assignment was a borrowed servant and could only recover under the workers' compensation laws of Pennsylvania. Borrowed servant refers to a situation where an employee of company A is sent to work for company B and while there Company B exercises control over the employee such as setting his working hours, daily task etc. The borrowed employee is limited to workers compensation claims alone is he or she suffers injury while working for Company B which essential exercises control over him or her as though it were the direct employer. This is important because the limitations of workers compensation favor the employer and limit the employee's recover. The ability to sue based on negligence allows you to recover more money for such things as pain and suffering and even punitive damages. Workers compensation law does not. Your spouse cannot recover for loss of consortium under workers compensation. In this case, the court found proof that the hospital exercises control over the employee daily tasks and was an employee, just not a direct employee. A contractor working for the hospital would be treated differently. In this case, the employee could not sue on the basis of negligence.    

Personal Injury Money – Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Money - Injury Lawyer

It is tax day. If you received a personal injury settlement or judgment you can breath easier in knowing that money paid as a result of injuries, pain and suffering or death is not taxable with some exceptions. If part of the settlement includes medical expenses that were deducted from your taxes in the past then you need to consult your tax preparer. For more information you can review the IRS publication Settlements-Taxability. Legal disclaimer. This is not legal advise. Consult a lawyer about the facts of your situation. Joseph Githuku, Esq. 410-849-9529.