Common Defenses

COMMON BALTIMORE COUNTY CAR ACCIDENT DEFENSES   In a BALTIMORE COUNTY car accident case, you can expect the insurance company to put a fight to in order to deny you fair compensation for your injuries. The adjuster’s job is to pay as little as possible and ensure the insurance company’s profits are protected.  The defense lawyer will attempt to poke holes in your case in order to convince a judge or jury that you should not be awarded fair compensation.   Here are the most common insurance defences. They are not in any particular order, but starting at what happened at the scene of the accident makes sense.   Lack of Evidence or Documented Injuries at the Scene or Immediately Thereafter  
  • That no ambulance was called to the scene
  • That you didn't report any injuries at the scene
  • That you didn't go to the hospital immediately after the accident
  No Injuries to Passengers   If your vehicle had a passenger or two and they did not suffer any injuries, you can expect the insurance company to raise that issue. Why were you the only one that was injured?   Minimal Property Damage   Insurance adjusters love to raise the fact that your car has only minor dents as a reason not offer a reasonable settlement.  The argument goes like this. If there is minimal impact then that must correlate with the extent of injuries the occupants of the subject vehicle suffered.   Not only is there no scientific proof of this correlation, it flies in the face of what we know about car manufacturing and todays vehicles. Cars are built to absorb and withstand greater impact with improvements being made every day. As one wise experience counsel stated, no one has discovered a way to make human beings better able to withstand and absorb cars crashing into their bodies.   Soft Tissue – No Broken Bones   Another favourite which is a corollary of low impact argument is soft tissue injuries.  To the adjuster, no broken bones or fractures equals frivolous injury. You have to fight against that with evidence of your experiences such as how injuries impact your everyday life. One suggestion is to keep a diary from the minute you are injured so that you can refresh your memory later if necessary.   The goal is for the insurance company to deny you reasonable compensation for your automobile accident case in BALTIMORE COUNTY Maryland.  Do not let it happen. I will not let you be a victim twice.   If you've been injured in a car accident then contact my office to schedule a free consultation call 410-280-7800 or visit us at Towson accident lawyer.