$247 Judgment Against DePuy

$247 Judgment Against DePuy A Dallas jury issued a ridiculously large judgment for six plaintiffs in a metal-on-metal hip implant case. The judgment in the amount of $247 million is staggering and will certainly be appealed. Johnson & Johnson owns DePuy and continues to face thousands of these cases across the country. Cases of this size start with what is known as test cases that lay the groundwork for the potential settlement of the large class action years down the road.

$15 Million Awarded to Man Wrongfully Convicted

A Baltimore jury awarded Sabein Burgess was awarded $15 Million for being wrongfully convicted of murdering his girlfriend. Mr. Burgess spent 20 years in prison. 1 of those years was in solitary confinement. He was freed in 2015. His attorney stated that the jury had decided that evidence had been suppressed from his and that the case against him had been fabricated. The judgment was issued on November 21, 2017.