Back Pain After An Accident

Personal Injury Lawyer: Back Pain After An Accident

One of the most common complaint after a car accident is the occurrence of back pain. Accidents occur because of negligent conduct by others on the road such as the driver behind you not slowing down in time to avoid striking your car in the rear. A distracted driver may steer into your lane resulting in a collision.  An accident such as this may have significant impact on your body. Types of Back Injuries Back injuries run the full range from less serous to catastrophic:
  • mild sprains
  • bruises
  • fractured vertebrae
  • compression fractures
  • disk herniation
  • spinal cord damage

Detailed back injuries Summaries

(a) Herniated and bulging disks Our backs have 23 discs in the vertebra. Even in small impact accidents, it is possible for damage to occur on or around these discs. Disk Herniation occurs when you have a problem with one of the rubbery cushions (disks) between the individual bones (vertebrae) that stack up to make your spine according to the Mayo Clinic. A bulging disk is also known a slipped disk or a protruding disc because it occurs when the disc moves out of place. (b) Soft tissue bruising and tearing The force and thrust of impact during an accident caused our bodies to move in sudden and often multiple directions. These movements can cause our ligaments, tendons or muscles and any other tissue to stretch beyond normal. In the extreme circumstances, the tissue may tear altogether. If you watch a lot of sports say football, you have had of ACL or MCL tears and other injuries. The same thing can happen from a car accident (c) (c) Compression fractures When the vertebrae breaks due to the impact from the car accident. (d) Burst fracture A burst fracture occurs when vertebrae breaks and parts of the vertebra move into the surrounding tissues and sometimes the spinal canal according to the Wheeless’ Textbook of Orthopaedics. The impact from car accidents or a fall can cause the vertebrae to break in this manner. (e) Dislocation fractures As the term dislocation suggests, once a fracture of one of the vertebrae occurs it could cause other tissue to move into the space previously occupied by the vertebrae.  

Types of treatments for back pain

(a)  Medication As with most injuries, the severity of the illness determines the treatment regimen. With most back injuries, over the counter pain medications and rest may suffice. (b)  Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Help For more serious injuries, physical therapy from a licensed professional and/or a chiropractor can help. These professionals are trained to move and manipulate your body to stimulate healing and rebuild tissue as well as strength. (c) Laminectomy According to WebMD, Laminetctory is the removal of one or more vertebraes to treat severe back pain. This is obviously serious surgery and is only recommended if other avenues fail to control the back pain. (d)  Spinal fusion Spinal fusion welds together the painful vertebrae so that they heal into a single, solid bone according to Ortho Info. (e) Disc replacement Science has evolved to allow doctors to implant manmade discs to replace damaged ones according to The surgeons can replace the entire disc or just parts of it. Do you need to talk about your case? If you have being the victim of someone else’s negligent driving and suffered serious back injuries, I can help you get the money you deserve. As a Baltimore personal injury lawyer, I understand money is not enough to pay you back for the pain and lost time, but it is the only way we have to attempt to make you whole again.

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