Baltimore OSHA Violations Lawyer

Baltimore OSHA Violations Lawyer


OSHA and Workplace Safety

Workers in Maryland are provided several important workplace protections in the law. In fact, the preamble to the Workers Compensation Act states that,  “The State of Maryland recognizes that the prosecution of various industrial enterprises which must be relied upon to create and preserve the wealth and prosperity of the State involves injury to large numbers of workmen, resulting in their partial or total incapacity or death ….” Chapter 800 of the Acts of 1914. Thankfully long gone are the days of the sweatshirt factories with unsafe workplace conditions. However, as you can expect the existence of the rules does not stop some unscrupulous employers from breaking the rules. There are two main laws at work here. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Act (MOSH Act). These two laws enact certain protections for employees to mitigate the likelihood of work related accidents and illnesses. Whether it is requiring workers be provided with training, warning labels on equipment or protective gear, the rules are aimed at creating a safe workplace for all. For example, construction sites are replete with cranes, excavators and other large equipment and therefore you want to make sure everyone operating or using such machines is well trained. Similarly, warnings about where it is safe to walk are necessary in light of the unfinished nature of a construction site. It is therefore unfortunate that OSHA attributes most construction site accidents to safety violations.

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OSHA Violations and Work Place Accidents

If you are exposed to a hazardous product or suffer injury at work due to a violation of safety regulations, you are entitle to received medical services and all costs be paid by your employer. An example of this would be a chemical leak at a construction site that exposes you and your co-workers to the risk of an illness or disease. In this instance, you are entitled to a health check up and, if necessary, request follow up care. Proof of OSHA violation that results in injury provides strong evidence that you suffered a work related injury are required under Maryland workers compensation laws. But it is important to note that violation without a resulting injury does not entitle workers to compensation. Do you believe you were injured or harmed due to a safety code violation? Call me to investigate your claim.

To speak to a lawyer about an OSHA violation resulting in injury call 410-849-9529

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