Man Dies After Arrest

Baltimore Excessive Use of Force Lawyer: Man Dies After Arrest

In a tragic and yet unexplained chain of events, a man arrested in the last week by the Baltimore Police has died. According to the Baltimore Sun and CBS News, the man identified as Freddie Gray, suffered an injury to his spine which according to the family's lawyer, William Murphy, Jr. was 80% severed. We do not know yet what happened even though there has been videos and other items leaked. It is going to be a long and interesting investigation. Allegedly, the arrest was carried on a suspicion of owning a switchblade. Wow. The thought that another young man is dead for seemingly frivolous infraction should shock the public's conscience and cause all to pay attention to these police encounters. A local activist, Colleen Davidson of the Baltimore People's Power Assembly,was quoted as saying that, "This is just one of the most egregious cases I've ever seen." Speaking of prior misconduct, the Baltimore Sun 2014 story dealt with issues against what it termed as repeat offenders. Officers who have been accused of excessive use of force more than once resulting in payments to victims.  In a earlier report , the city was looking to minimize the cost of these cases. Just recently, the City of Baltimore settled with victims for over $200k in February. In response to those payments, a city council member was quoted as stating that the City makes it too easy and that more cases should go to trial. We will see if this is one of those cases. More likely the galvanization and attention this case has so far will probably result in a settlement than an airing of dirty laundry at a civil trial. But it is too early to see where this matter ends up.

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