Who is responsible when my child has lead paint poisoning?

Who is responsible when my child had lead paint poisoning?

As a Baltimore personal injury attorney, I work with toxicologists, safety experts, medical professionals and other experts in order to build robust cases for my clients. If your child has suffered from lead paint poisoning either from a home you used to live in or something as simple as a toy, you are entitled to compensation from:,
  • Owners of the real property your child came into contact with lead paint.
  • Property managers who failed to correct the problem of lead paint
  • Employers who fail to protect workers from dangerous products such ad lead paint.
  •              Day care operators who fail to correct the lead paid problem
Every rental property in Maryland must be lead inspected by a MDE accredited lead paint inspector unless it has already being issued a “Lead Free” or “Limited Lead Free” certificate from a licensed inspector. The lead inspector issues a Lead Paint Risk Reduction Certificate along with the findings of their inspection. Hotels are exempt from these requirements. To  to pass the inspection the property must be free of defective paint on the interior and exterior of the property.


Within 30 days of being notified in writing of either paint defects in a property or that a child under 6 years of age or pregnant woman has a blood lead elevation of 10 micrograms per deciliter or more the owner is required to: 1. Provide for the permanent relocation of all tenants to a property that is certified lead free or  in compliance with the full risk reduction standard; or 2. Temporarily relocated all tenants while all necessary work is performed and obtain a passing modified risk reduction certificate prior to the tenants moving back into the property. The following steps are required to comply with step no. 2 above.
  1. Painting of all interior and exterior painted surfaces, windowsills to ensure that they are free of chipping, peeling or flaking paint;
  2. Cap window wells with vinyl or aluminum
  3. All windows and doors are fixed to avoid the friction of lead painted surfaces.h
  4. All kitchen and bathroom floors are overlaid with a smooth, water-resistant covering; and
AND ▪ Report from lead paint inspector and supervisor indicating the  lead hazard reductions treatments wre completed and the property passed the inspection.

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